Work 421: Winter of Unrequited Love


Winter of Unrequited Love ( for Shubha )
Michael St.Mark,  2010

( Click on the image to enlarge the ice maiden and the geek )


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When even your own GP acts like an indifferent iceberg, you know you’re down.

London Dada work 420. Cadbury’s Dairy Bench Seat

Cadbury’s Dairy Bench Seat
( purple cellophane wrap, Highgate woods )

c. Dingo / M.St.Mark 2010

Click the pic to expand the gigantic treat

Work No. 418; Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy 7. ” Boudoir Nights “

“Boudoir Nights”
( Post IM TV Screenshot

c. Michael St.Mark 2010

* Click to enlarge the rather engaging Honey, twice for pixellated “intimacy”.

Signed edition of 10 to be released, early 2016.


London Dada work 417 – " Nowt"

n o w t

Nowt ( New Dada Blue Period )
c. 2010 Dingo
( randomly crumpled plastic carrier bag )


Identical blue tones with near black …and simplicity appear in Howard Hodgkin’s Olympic poster ” Swimming”,
released 11 months on, in November 2011.

New DadAisT Dingo

London Dadaist Dingo – ” Seeing the extra in the ordinary” TM