Andrea Buttner, 2017 Turner Prize nominee


Link to  Withdrawal Symptoms (2012)



L. Michael St.Mark; Withdrawal Symptoms MR ( 2012 )

R. Andrea Buttner; Phone Etchings (2015)


Turner Prize 2017; London Dada’s 11 year anti-ageism campaign success

Turner Prize chiefs finally shamed into removing the anachronistic and blatantly ageist Under-50 rule for shortlisted entrants. Did any other artists have the moral courage to put their careers at risk by daring to criticize the TP directors over this?

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Protest leaflet from Turner Prize 2016 event

Link to 2016 blog post ” The Ageist Turner Prize

London Dada Work No. 990/A; The Pilgrim’s Readership/ VIP


The Pilgrim’s Readership
Michael St. Mark 2017


The 17th C. Bunhill Fields tomb of John Bunyon, author of the world-renowned tome The Pilgrim’s Progress
A rare man of principle, who spent 12 years in prison after refusing to give up his nonconformist preaching.
In these corporate-dominated days of a cowed, fearful and play safe populace, non conformists get ignored and excluded – or if they manage through great effort to poke their heads above the parapet; pilloried in the mainstream media.

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Work No. 990A;  ” VIBody
Michael St.Mark 2017


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