The Ageist Turner Prize / The Green Dada Protest Pennies


Top; Rain, Steam and Speed, lower left; The Fighting Temeraire and right; Snow Storm

In an age where racism and sexism in art and elsewhere has become a virtual hanging matter, the blatant annual ageism event that is the Turner Prize doesn’t appear to bat an art establishment / national museum director or mainstream media eyelid.

Art Axis 2016

The Under 50s Turner Prize, this year back at Tate Britain again – discriminating against older artists of every race and color since 1991
London Dada – campaigning against the ageist TP since 2006

* UPDATE Summer 2017; Turner Prize directors finally shamed into abandoning the grotesque UNDER-50s rule for shortlisted entrants after 10 years of protest by London Dada.
As far as we’re aware no other artist or group of artists bothered to publicly denounce or protest this anachronistic and preposterous rule. Perhaps an indication of how the grip of fear of harming career prospects by speaking out is predominating over making morally-based protests – or even voicing them – among UK artists.
How shameful the state of UK art!


At last, finally, a morally-motivated artwork of true perception and protest in line with Dada’s original spirit as expressed by Hugo Ball; gets nominated for the Prize – but will the judges go against their own self-serving play-safe don’t-rock-the-political-boat grains and have the moral backbone to award it the top spot it richly deserves?
* UPDATE 6th December
No is, of course, the blunt answer; the safe polished vanilla imitation Merz art of Helen Martens wins through. No TP judge would risk his/her personal career apple cart and future royal gong hopes by plumping for an artwork that comments at all perceptively or critically on the grim situation predominating in large parts of the UK today, such as..


The work (United Kingdom poverty line for two adults and two children: twenty thousand four hundred and thirty six pounds sterling, by Michael Dean [39] ) consists of £20,436 in pennies. This is the amount of money the government states is the minimum that two adults and two children need to survive for a year in the UK. When installing the work, Dean removed one coin, meaning that now the money you see before you is one penny less than the poverty line.

AF; representing a time-honoured ageist as well as elitist glass-ceilinged institution.
One green bottler TP judge chair sitting on the fence… knows which side his career bread’s buttered on. Guarding well against accidental falls into career-limiting approval of art showing any degree of perceptive criticism of the hard times we live in, plays a large part in how these one-dimensional jobsworths rise to be annointed directors of the nation’s politically-driven art institutions.

Tate Protest

The Green Protest Pennies from Dada Heaven

Video; Light Work No. 891V; Raising Tate 1p Above the Art Poverty Line


“An Unfortunate and Untimely Connotation with the Anti-Christian Inverted Crucifix in Satanic lore.”

“On Thursday the Tate Modern in London revealed one of its 2016 holiday installations in the form of an upside-down Christmas tree that stretches through 3 floors of the central staircase ”
inverted tate christmas tree

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