Work No. 709; A Greek Tragedy

A Greek Tragedy
  Michael St.Mark 2014

There seems something in the Greek psyche that touches great depths of sadness and melancholia,
relating to a time-honoured culture that traditionally integrates deep analytical  and philosophical
thought that makes heroic attempts at resolution of many of life’s all too often intractable problems.
Related Work from 2006; The End of Hope

Work No. 708; Scraping the Sky

Scraping the Sky
c. Dingo 2014

The Heron tower, Bishopsgate London EC2
Summer in the city ..and another Dingo spot.

  London Dada artist Dingo
Seeing/Putting the extra in the ordinary” TM


Update 2 years on ( 2016) ; N. PHOTO magazine’s feature title; ” Scraping the Sky



LONDON DADA – ” Reorienting Art in the 21st. C.”




Work No. 707: Cameron goes to War

These terrible echos..

( From the US Dadaist Charles Rice Goff III media resources; )

cameron @ warBHP
 Cameron goes to War; “it’s a black & white issue”
 c. Michael St.Mark 2014


In a world where dark motives are spun as pure white.. and where white has turned black as oil.

* Calling gemstone artists with a moral compass; your chance to contribute to our accumulative collection of post-millenium
war-protest Works from artists across the world, due to be displayed at the London Dada 2016 grand exposition
to be held to mark Dada’s 100th anniversary.

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21 C. Dada war protest ink drawings / collage by the immensely gifted Charles Rice Goff III


Scottish Referendum Special – Taking a News Stand.

Re-post from 2011 in relation to the Scottish Independence referendum and the No campaign’s months-long daily use of scaremongering headlines based largely on exaggeration and lies and pushed to the public through the Westminster government’s corporate friends who control the hard press media and BBC /Sky.
Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political commentator a case in point; who was caught out attempting to deliberately smear Alex Salmond in cahoots with his editor who cut the video before the Scottish first minister replied – and putting the piece to air claiming he hadn’t answered the point.

Supermarket Juxtaposition no 2.
Taking a News Stand”
( against base journalism ) Tesco Surrey Quays 1/11/11, 4.06pm onwards.
( Bespoke instore tabloid newspaper stand j /w “Twist ‘n Lock” toilet roll holder. )

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

( click to enlarge the photo diptych )

For explanatory synopsis of this work, please refer to previous installation,
“Supermarket Juxtaposition no 1 “


Remember, ” mainstream media means corporate media”  – Jon Pilger.

Work No. 706; Never in its Wildest Dreams.

Old Street Regeneration
Never in its Wildest Dreams
c. Michael St.Mark 2014

Brash new Old Street regeneration going on apace, surrounding a solitary 19th C. listed building.
Latest in the ‘Wildest Dreams’ series.

Signed edition of 50 color-manipulated Lightjet prints onto Pro Endura
20″ x 20″
£300 ( unframed)


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Work No. 705, Welcome to the Machine II

Welcome to the Machine II
Michael St.Mark, 2014

Section of internal escalator complex, Kings Cross mainline terminal.
Second in the series, exploring the increasing dehumanizing impact of urban environments on their populations in the 21C. everyday.

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WTTM by Pink Floyd. From the Album “Wish you were here” . Written by Roger Waters