Work 175

Moore Adulteration
Adulteration I ( Human Glaciation )
c. Henry Moore/Michael St.Mark 2006
Signed photographic print, 40cm X 40cm
File size 1600KB

The first in a series of Works taking existing famous “works of art” and re-defining them in abstract terms. Irreverent, yes. Dada, most definitely.
Adulteration I b

NEW DADA Work 174

Greater London Glass
c. M. St.Mark 2006
Based on Duchamp’s 1920s Great Glass series, where the Dada artist left a pane of glass on a high rise apartment ledge in Berlin for several weeks, to collect the city’s airborne particles; in this instance we are looking up from an underground facility in Hampstead, to see over 100 years of London residues ingrained into a Victorian dual-coloured leaded lights grating, inset into the pavement above.


( Scroll the page and the glass appears to flex.)
This image in sale form comprises one signed 20cm sq photographic print of file size 750KB.
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Work 173

Beasted II
Beasted II
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
What a lovely piece of found street sculpture – if one of Serota’s young darlings installed it in the Tate Mod, they’d even call it art . . .( oh God, don’t give him ideas, he’d be dangerous – Ed.).
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