Work 175; Human Glaciation

Adulteration  1; Human Glaciation
c. Michael St.Mark 2006

First in a series taking existing famous artworks and re-defining them in abstract appropriation terms.
Adulteration I b
Two Piece Reclining Figure No.5, Kenwood House Two Piece Reclining Figure No.5, Kenwood House
Moore Outside – Two Piece Reclining Figure No.5, Kenwood House

Two Piece Reclining Figure No.5 1963–4
Kenwood House
Hampstead Lane
London NW3 7RJ

The Two Piece Reclining Figure was something of a breakthrough. In the later half of the Fifties Moore had created a series of seated women. When he made his first two piece reclining figure however, without even sketching it beforehand, he was amazed by the unexpected views it offered. The front view doesn’t enable one to foresee the back view. As you move round it, the two parts overlap or they open up and there’s space between. It feels like a journey.

2 thoughts on “Work 175; Human Glaciation

  1. This is a cool idea. Taking existing art and re-defining it. Something I know cartoonists do a lot. But rarely is ‘high brow art’ re-defined as further ‘high brow art’ – there must be a name for it?


    • Idea latched onto by two gay establishment artists who recently bought an old Master, re-worked ( vandalised) it with their own trademark scribblings and put it back on the market for quite an additional few grand.


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