London Dada Work No. 176; American Idol

American Idol
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark
30cm X 50cm
For sale parameters, see Intro Tag.

Assembled photo montage from Lightjet photo prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
Signed on verso and with accompanying LD stamp of authenticity
One worldwide; POA


* Feb. 2007 This work sold.


Update 2018;  blog post reconstituted in WordPress after forced incompatability resulting from cyber vandal Luca Ascani’s closure of London Dada’s former host, in 2014, resulting in the wrecking of an entire online community built up over 10 years.
His slogan? “ Blog Forever “.  Rich.

7 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 176; American Idol

  1. Well of course you have a valid point (as per usual) however there is little else to ‘entertain’ the masses. Music is at least good for the soul and there must be the occasional good singer on their surely??? ….DD 🙂


    • Oh yes DD. Sure! I’m not disputing there are some pretty mean singing voices on AI. But it’s that bland watering down of a watering down of classics I’ve heard a zillion million times before-type stuff that does my head in, like water torture.

      To my untrained pop ear they all sound the same. I may be in the minority of course, but to me it’s one long endless drone, that prog, I rarely get five minutes into it before I remotely zap the screen and go make a coffee.

      Still, it was good for a 200 quid piece of New Dada.


      • Well, I think I have only ever watched 5 minutes of it in total – must make a point of at least trying to watch the first 5 minutes to evaluate your views!!!

        worth 200 quid – thats it, my art equipment is coming out this week….lol….do you accept unknowns into New Dada & submissions?…DD


    • What’s the point? It’s the same mould re-hashed drone carp we’ve heard a thousand times before. It never ceases to amaze me just how easily entertained most people on the planet actually are.
      Thick-skulled or what?


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