Addendum 2019. Work No. 1002; Look Closer, the Truth’s there Somewhere


Entranced / Look Closely, the Truth’s there Somewhere
© aRT aXIS  2019

( Featuring the June 6th edition of the Daily Mail and inside page report on the 2019 D. Day Allies landings anniversary.)

About to enter the third decade of the new millennium, the UK is witnessing end-times for the few remaining vestiges of news reporting-accuracy and balance within the mainstream media. Those in the industry, charged with delivering authentic news and current affairs to the public, are having their training and hard-won skillsets inexorably undermined or compromised.
Hampered from honest reporting by corrupt print and television media-owning plutocrats, many a serious journalist lives in fear of career limitation or termination by presenting accurately stories and events that happen to be politically or financially inconvenient to those already fiscally well-situated and in positions of power.
Acting under a mask of unbiased neutrality, those few who receive promotion to mainstream media eminence almost invariably do so by dint of genuine or acted allegiance to the aims and ambitions of that powerful elite; thus perpetuating an insidious system of subtle propaganda that has in the past soft-soaped entire populations into accepting stringent financial impositions, restrictions and even illegal war as absolute necessities.

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Dada; being initially a literary expression of war protest, is well-served through this image – an accurate photographic metaphor of the times we live in.

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