Lest we Forget to Remember not to Forget Blair/Parliament’s War Guilt


Lest we forget we had a devious war criminal as a prime minister, sending 179 of our brave lads to early graves on the back of a gigantic deception..and who to this day remains free from prosecution.

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Cenotaph Blair 11.11.12

Cenotaph Blair 11.11.12

New Release for 2016; Digital screenshot from TV coverage. Image crop of pixelated Blair in the crowd of politicians present and past at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, 11.11.2012. Tonally altered and rendered in blood red.
Open edition of signed prints 12″ x 8″ on Kodak Pro Endura


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Work No 796; AfterMaths; the movie

  After Maths; the movie ( homage to Tracey Emin )
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Skateboard park. Rye, E. Sussex


Second in the series and a Dadaistic concept in “film-making”. 
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Emin-My Bed
 My Bed ( 1998 )

My Bed is a work by the British artist Tracey Emin. First created in 1998, it was exhibited at the Tate Gallery in 1999 as one of the shortlisted works for the Turner Prize.  It consisted of her bed with bedroom objects in an abject state, and gained much media attention. Although it did not win the prize, its notoriety has persisted” – Wiki