Dada in London, work 569; The Ghost of Romance Past

ghost of romance past
The Ghost of Romance Past
c. 2011 Michael St.Mark

Silver Birch with face in dated carved heart, Trent Park N. London. ( Taken on the winter solstice, 21st December.)

Signed Fine Art print on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 380gm paper 12″ X 15″
One worldwide. 12″ x 15″, for price contact the gallery

 Updated, Summer 2014 evolution ( click to enlarge )

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London Dada work 568; Introducing "Anachrosaur". A1 – The Queen’s TV Christmas Message.

Anachrosaur 1

Anachrosaur 1 – The Queen’s Christmas Message to the nation and the Commonwealth.
c. Art Axis 2011

Ancillary work; Anachrosaur II ( Royal Begging Bowl ( to scale) )

Long time no hear from the elusive Mr AA, but he surfaces here with a new  Dada series beckoning, where the ” Dada Anachrosaur” { a new Anachronism / Dinosaur derived Dadaism ) poses in front of various archetypal British people and institutions; calling time on a weary, dreary, drab, dismal and often terminally corrupt and rigged old set-up  ( still, God love the Queen & her doubtless well-meaning heart ) ;paving the way for the fresh stART in the arts and media – and in society in general – that the New Dadaists believe is inexorably destined for this downtrodden yet potentially great-again nation.

[uh-nak-ruh-niz-uhm] Show IPA
1. something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time: The sword is an anachronism in modern warfare.”

/ / / / / /

1. A fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, often reaching an enormous size. The dinosaurs are placed, according to their hip structure, in…
2. A person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances.

Wishing a peaceful and contemplative Christmas to all.

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London Dada Work 567; Dada Black Hole – Portrait of Man Ray

Portrait of Man Rayman ray1920E33_lgdadaessay
Dada Black Hole
– Portrait of Man Ray. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Man Ray, c. 1920….   . .. . . .   & his dAdA spirit strong 38 yrs on
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Stretched blank A1 Canvas with central white box frame holding a pure black photographic print made from a 35mm film negative, onto premium matt paper.

Unique Work, one worldwide. Price; contact the gallery

* A chance to invest at the ground floor level in the only independent and morally-motivated new art direction in the world today – with authentic links tracing back to the original Dada movement of 1916-21.

Link to the Wikipedia Man Ray biography page ( recommended reading )

Man ray self portrait 1985.25.2_1a
Self portrait, 1942


London Dada Work No. 566, The Shortest Day

Solstice Sunset / The Shortest Day
c. Michael St.Mark,  Dec 21st  2011
Something for the record – sunset on the winter solstice
Trent Park, Cockfosters N. London

Part-solarised digital photograph.

Signed edition of 10 Giclee prints on Kodak Endura

London Dada work 565; Yea though I Paint…

“Yea though I Paint in the Valley of the Shadow of Death I shall fear no Evil, for my Pot and my Brush shall Comfort me”
c. 2010 Michael St. Mark

Word/image play on common biblical saying.
Digital photo. Giclee print 10″ x 8″ excluding 2″ border. One off,  titled & signed. £150

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Link to ongoing London Dada vs. Wolff Olins 2012 Olympic logo plagiarism claim.

London Dada work 564; Forecourt Autumn

4court autumn
Forecourt Autumn
by Dingo, c. 2011

Garage lights refracting through fuel spillages on terracotta forecourt, with fallen leaf.
Shell filling station, Mile End rd, E. London

( the autumn colors

London Dadaist Dingo; “ Seeing/Putting the extra in the ordinaryTMs



London Dada Work No. 563; Winter Woodland Walkies – The Chase

Winter Woodland Walkies ( The Chase )
c. Dingo 2011


( click on the enlargement.. to enlarge a mucky pups’ muddy woodland chase )



dingo beach09 2-1
New Dadaist Dingo” Seeing/Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM

* Purport of the work; The common association, with most dog-owners, of mud on the parked-up car from the bumpy drive along the dirt track to the rural car park, as the dog(s) eagerly disembark for their country/woodland “walk” – that invevitably becomes an excited yelping chaotic run once off the lead and a squirrel or rabbit is sighted.
The mud by the sill of Dingo’s Rangy is carefully manipulated into outlines and gaps using twig ends to create imaginary canine forms in chase mode.



Update, July 2014; Expose of artist Ali Banisadr’s painting ” The Chase”.
Mimicking the above Dada Work in the chaotic semi-abstract forms’ strong suggestion of animal movement.. and the direct title ” The Chase ” ; plagiarizer Banisadr adds color to create a painting then passed off as original and new.

The Chase
The Chase, by Ali Banisadr.