London Dada work 616; What becomes of us?

What becomes of us? / All things must piss.
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Graveyard with walker & dog, Bermondsey


London Dada on YouTube; & featuring the grand Olympic logo art heist…

London Dada work 615; Wi-fi Hotspot – the phonebox sluts of south Kensington

Wi-fi Hotspot
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Manipulated raw digital file. Signed giclee print 18″ X 24″, one wordwide.
Choice of alu frame. POA ( see website )

Gloucester Rd, S. Kensington London W.


Social commentary work, “what lies behind?”.
A false promise of pleasure, leisure, love and colour in the painfully bleak black & white world of the lonesome male.


” For us, art is not an end in itself … but it is an opportunity for the true perception and criticism of the times we live in.” – Hugo Ball co-founder DADA, 1916.

London Dada work 614; Never in his Wildest Dreams..

never in his wildest dreams 2
Never in his wildest dreams.. (2)
c. Dingo 2012

London South Bank riverside estate.

(click to enlarge).

London Dadaist Dingo – ” Seeing/Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM


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London Dada Work No. 613; Just another day @ the office

Just another day at the office
Just another day at the office ( Waterloo triptych )
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


Social commentary work comprising 3- photograph collage assemby, First Capital Connect carriage opposite bucket seat pattern repeated to either side of the Shell building facade; symbolising in visual synopsis daily commute into work, the working day itself and reverse commute home.


Unique edition, cibachrome on aluminum

31″ WX 19″ H
One worldwide

the nine by five
The 9 by 5 ( derived Work)

  c. Michael St.Mark 2013

16″ H x 7″ W
Edition of 25 chromogenic prints on Ilford Pearl

“Art, for us, is not an end in itself … but is an opportunity for the true perception and criticism of the times we live in.” – Hugo Ball, father of  DADA, Zurich 1916.

Tate Think Tank


The soon-to-be-opened “Tanks” galleries extension at Tate Modern… and fishing for new ideas about what to put in them.
Even the very idea of having a public ideas sticky note board.. the Tate directors couldn’t dream up themselves…


there is the zone where a sticky note pad is attached,
for anyone with a good idea/ strapline/soundbyte about an alternative society etc… to peel off and write on. The notes are then stuck back on the wall or on a dedicated inside info board, for others to read..
That is our deposit to Bank of Ideas today. ” – Art Axis, November 2011

( * Update 2015, this ideas/feedback note-pinning board idea itself was subsequently copied shortly thereafter by Tate Britain and Tate Modern ( and are still in situ today in the gallery entrances )

Work 612, The Dark Soul of Tate Modern

The Dark Soul of Tate Modern
c. Michael St.Mark / Art Axis 2012

Dark soul Triptych
Derived photo triptych ( actual work ) 26″ X 19″

First in a London Dada series investigating the Tate Modern tourist attraction… click to enlarge.

In the Mark Rothko room …screwing up courage for a littleYellowism vandalism?