London Dada work 615; Wi-fi Hotspot – the phonebox sluts of south Kensington

Wi-fi Hotspot
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Manipulated raw digital file. Signed giclee print 18″ X 24″, one wordwide.
Choice of alu frame. POA ( see website )

Gloucester Rd, S. Kensington London W.


Social commentary work, “what lies behind?”.
A false promise of pleasure, leisure, love and colour in the painfully bleak black & white world of the lonesome male.


” For us, art is not an end in itself … but it is an opportunity for the true perception and criticism of the times we live in.” – Hugo Ball co-founder DADA, 1916.

4 thoughts on “London Dada work 615; Wi-fi Hotspot – the phonebox sluts of south Kensington

  1. When in London on longish contracts I often looked at the pictures on the phoneboxes and wondered about the reality that lay behind them.

    Certainly not as good looking as the girls pictured, but hopefully more appealing (or as least less urgently in need of a good wash) that the lasses who formed a gauntlet at Kings Cross that prosperous looking businessmen must run (briefcase over bollocks, eyes focused on infinity)must run to get to the taxis.

    On one contract I had to take trips up to Hull, Teesside and Nrecastle, another took me to Leicester and Nottingham regularly, and those ladies who waited at Kings Cross to greet my return were truly frightening.


    • ‘Frightening’ is as good a description as it gets yeah. I once ( 1990s )saw a lady OTN escorting some young puppy of a clerk punter victim up a side street and into one of the once plentiful 0 star “hotels” within 5mins of KK.
      Pubic lice and all manner of other hygene pleasantries came FOC with the “service” back then, by all accounts.
      Just GT show guess, don’t mess with whores – of either the professional or the relationship kind –
      They both screw you over in one sense or another & move on to the next mug/victim.


  2. From this photograph i have a vision of a 65 year old woman, in slippers and stained nightdress a fag hanging out the side of her mouth,panting and groaning theatrically down the phone whilst doing her ironing to a lonely guy who’s trying to get his ‘rocks off’ through ‘phone sex’.

    He is obviously visualising a lithe, huge bosomed 20 year old who wants nothing more than to make him feel good! The reality is she [be it old or young] just wants your cash. But if it works for him then why not i say, as for her there must be worse ways to ‘laugh all the way to the bank!]

    Great photo by the way!


    • They’re mostly quite young working girls Mrs B. I dont think a 65yr old would last long there – & it’s not phone sex they’re offering, its the real mc coy. They reside in flats nearby where the guy with enough urge and dosh can walk ’round the corner in ten & make a half or one hour “connection”.
      However it is true to say all they want is the cash and few of the hookers are as supermodel pretty as the models in the card pics they’re claiming to be or represent… or they’d be doing modelling for a living.

      Well that’s my understanding of the scene, from what I’ve heard.


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