Full Circles

Full Circles
© Michael St.Mark 2018


Thinly-disguised diptych stitch, but still..

Welwyn Garden City


London Dada; 2005 -2018

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Dada and the Eye of God. Work No. 1001

Dada and the Eye of God
© Michael St.Mark 2018


Found traffic-battered relic (c. 50 yrs of constant use ) Cat’s Eye on disused – the old A76 , now by-passed – Kilmarnock to Dumfries road. Click x2 to expand the image and fuller appreciation.

” The transformation in those who sincerely seek truth under guidance consists of a gradual daily life-based conscious wearing-out or de-focussing regime imposed on the aspirant’s limited ego-mind, that eventually results in the ego re-attaching or realizing its original native infinite individualized consciousness/union with all of timeless existence ” – M. St.M




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