England Football Fan – Work 242 revisited

From World Cup 2006, New Dada work 242 resurrected EFF Main pic1a England Football Fan – Post ’66 Archetype¬† c. Michael St.Mark 2006 ( Concrete assemblage work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three discarded lager cans, painted plastercast face and Prozac anti-depressant capsules ) Detail EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a Exhibition query or sale price of this work by private application NB. Please note these images are strictly copyright, for reproduction fees please contact the artist.

Work No. 390: Craftsmen of World Renown

Craftsmen of World Renown
( ” they were real men in those days” )
c. 2010 Michael St.Mark


Dalton Road, Barrow in Furness ( shipbuilding town )
Pedestrian precinct beautification works


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