Work 105; The Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy III

The Hopelessness of Male Sexual Fantasy III
c. 2004 Michael St.Mark

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Work No. 106; Trains Cameraphone Series







Missing Sleeper Class
( From the Trains cameraphone series)

c. Steve Jones 2005









Do Not Cross The Line
c. Steve Jones 2005








Camden Road Beautification Project
c. Steve Jones 2005


Work 103; Emergency on Planet Spacehouse

Emergency On Planet Space House
( Part the second)
by Hector Hamulec, c. 2005
You can read all of Hector’s thrilling Dadaesque episodes of Emergency on Planet Space House -and more on his truly off-the-wall blog @ ( * blog platform since closed )
Have we found the Dada genius amongst us?
Answers on a postcard please


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