LONDON DADA Work No. 999; Muddle England

Muddle England
Michael St.Mark 2018


Tesco in-store Costa coffee lounge scene, January 2018;  the ageing Middle England couples’ dreams of riches and quality of life through share investments and steadfast support of the nation-wrecking Tories still evident through habitual perusal of the right-wing tabloid press.
Real life archetypes of those millions who kept Thatcher govt. in power throughout the 1980s on the promise of cheaper bread.



” Well folks, after over 12 years we’ve nearly arrived at a millenium milestone of photo-oriented artorks focussed on resuscitating and revitalizing the Dada art movement along the lines originally intended by its founding father, Hugo Ball….

” Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but rather it is an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times in which we live “

Achievements to date include pointing and trending art as relevant to current times by reflecting social issues and street reality of life in the UK today and as amazingly confirmed and admitted in 2017 by Maria Balshaw as new director of Tate Modern.

After 10 years of annual campaigning, and unsupported by other artists or institutions; succeeding in pressuring Tate directors into lifting the blatantly ageist Turner Prize under-50 age limit for entrants.

Directly inspired Wolff Olins in the creation of the London 2012 Olympic brand logo and Wilkinson Eyre’s basketball court arena design on the Olympic park, both plagiarising in both form and concept our Infinitude II bas-relief artwork.

Directly inspired Damien Hirst’s ” Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable ” project, Hirst plagiarising in full the concept and title of our artwork ” Logfish- an unbelievable Treasure from the Deep

Procuring the first full-length genuine photograph of graffiti legend Banksy

Mike St.Mark
London N.




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…when parks become bog traps for all but intepid trawlermen in thigh-high waders..and your dogs behaving like seal pups by pretending they’re one step backward in evolution again.

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