Work No 836; A Conservative Lifeboat III

A Conservative Lifeboat III
Michael St.Mark 2016


Seafront promenade with abandoned relic and lifeboat station beyond.
Morecambe Lancs.


Latest in the series highlighting the present Tory government’s disregard for the safety, health, welfare and quality of life of UK citizens in terms of its long-term deep and dangerous cuts to local authority budgets, to the emergency services, to health, education and social housing tenants’ safety.


” The NHS will be safe in our hands” – David Cameron, 2013


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London Dada Work No. 835; The Dazzling Androids

The Blinding
The Dazzling Androids
Michael St.Mark 2016



Schoolgirl sightseeing trip party at Alexander Palace, London N22

Part digitally-refined image in the ‘ Holga-ish’  style
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London Dada Work no. 833, The Art Gallery as Art VI – Towel Dispenser Triptych ( Saatchi Gallery )

Towel Dispenser Triptych
( The Art Gallery as Art VI )
Michael St. Mark 2016




Saatchi Gallery Gents washroom, three steel paper towel dispensers on white tiling



Signed edition of 20 Lightjet photographic prints on Kodak Pro Endura paper
30cms x 26cms
£450 ( unframed )


Latest in the series dating back to 2012, positing the art gallery itself as art.  Democratizing Art  TM;  no longer the exclusive preserve of a corrupt elite.

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” London Dada, continuing the only truly morally-motivated art movement in history  ” .

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