Work No 836; A Conservative Lifeboat III

A Conservative Lifeboat III
Michael St.Mark 2016


Seafront promenade with abandoned relic and lifeboat station beyond.
Morecambe Lancs.


Latest in the series highlighting the present Tory government’s disregard for the safety, health, welfare and quality of life of UK citizens in terms of its long-term deep and dangerous cuts to local authority budgets, to the emergency services, to health, education and social housing tenants’ safety.


” The NHS will be safe in our hands” – David Cameron, 2013


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3 thoughts on “Work No 836; A Conservative Lifeboat III

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  2. Very true young man, but what to Do about it? Short of Trenton Oldfield-like civil disobedience, that leads to a criminal record and possible stretch in the big ‘ouse for one’s trouble.
    Thanks for commenting; I do dip into your blogs from time to time – superbly written & with the trademark IT wit & vicious (but fair) satire still raging strong.
    Hilary C’s a ‘cutie’ hey.


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