Banksy Spy Booth

 London Dada Work 109, ” The Grey Goose flys South at Midnight”
 Copyright c. Lisa Cummins 2005


Robin Gunningham  aka Banksy’s latest graffiti wall,  ” Spy Booth” Cheltenham, Glos. June 2014


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Banksy Selfie
Newly-appeared overnight in Curtain Rd,  Shoreditch,  the world’s first graffiti Selfie.
… and by the Scarlet Pimpernel of stencil himself?
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Work No. 242 re-re-revisited; Roy’s Boys’ Early Word Cup Bath

Just when we thought it safe to stow away this particular New Dada work from 2006 on account of a half-decent performance by the England boys in the Euros…up pops the dreaded record World Cup ’14 early exit after a lacklustre and disjointed performance under plodder Hodgson.
Some things (will?) never change, especially the anachronistic one-way mirror that is the FA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *englnd football fan

From Euro & World Cup 2006/10, New Dada work 242 resurrected yet again
England Football Fan – Post ’66 Archetype c. Michael St.Mark 2006 ( Concrete assemblage work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three crushed and discarded lager cans, painted plastercast fanatical chav supporter face and Prozac anti-depressant capsules ) Detail EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a Exhibition query or sale price of this work by private application NB. Please note these images are strictly copyright, for reproduction fees please use the contact link on the  London Dada website