Banksy Spy Booth

 London Dada Work 109, ” The Grey Goose flys South at Midnight”
 Copyright c. Lisa Cummins 2005


Robin Gunningham  aka Banksy’s latest graffiti wall,  ” Spy Booth” Cheltenham, Glos. June 2014


Linkback to the original Work.


Banksy Selfie
Newly-appeared overnight in Curtain Rd,  Shoreditch,  the world’s first graffiti Selfie.
… and by the Scarlet Pimpernel of stencil himself?
Email for details

3 thoughts on “Banksy Spy Booth

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  2. As Banksy says on his own website; its very naughty to copy his works for commercial gain. Yet here Banksy aka Robin Gunningham has stolen and then altered someone else’s original Work just enough to evade IP prosecution… but still with identical interpreted theme of listening in to another’s conversation, same detective coat & hat type dress in same shade of beige: meantime here at Dada spy HQ we’re on to this hyper hypocritical idea thief’s slippery trail, deer stalker hat donned, crook pipe papping and mag’ glass in hand… or Columbo cigar-billowing stumbling brilliance, whatever.


  3. Surely Banksy can’t be running out of ideas?! This all looks remarkably similar.

    I love the title “the Grey Goose flys south at midnight” it’s all very MI5 and such like. In fact the more I look at the brown coats the more I am reminded of the iconic detective Columbo, now he was am irritating guy but boy did he always get his man!


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