London Dada Work No. 426; Inflowence

Last in the current Plant Life series...

Michael St.Mark / Dingo collaboration c. 2011

– a reminder of the uncompromising oneness of life, that implies everything reflects everything else.


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Works 423 & 424 … Harlequin and Tango

Second and third in the Plant Life series ….. a winter woodland walk reveals a world of wonder to a wandering Dadaist. Unlike contempory art culture, the New Dadaists do not eschew Nature as inspiration out of fear of appearing unfashionable.


Harlequin &  Tango
c’s. Michael St.Mark 2011

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New Year New Dada New Series; Plant Life

Plant Life,  part one.  WORK 422

miss greena ballerina
Plant Life Pt. 1.    Miss Greena Ballerina

( Ballet Dancer in Green Descending an Imaginary Staircase )

c. 2011 by Dingo

London Dadaist Dingo – “seeing/putting the extra in the ordinary ” TM