Work No. 906; Last Light

Last Light ( for Margo )
© Michael St.Mark 2017

A glancing ray of sunset penetrates the trees and fires the forest floor – for a minute. Then, like a flighty transatlantic lover, like a close precious one who dies; gone forever.
Lost, like tears in the rain…

Digital photograph, manipulated in the Lomo-ish style

Title ” Last Light ” first used in this context by London Dada in 2016. By 2018 the title ubiquitous in sunset photography.


Digital photograph, manipulated in the Lomo-ish style


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Work No. 905; In Homage to the Great Slate Mountain God

Homage to the Great Slate Mountain God
In Homage to the Great Slate Mountain God
( “From whence we came”  “Made in His own image” )
Michael St.Mark 2017

View north over slAte-tiled rooftops of solid slate buildings that are typical of the Cumbrian town of Keswick.  Echoing, and as if in kneeling devotion to, the dominating mountain of Skiddaw ( 931m) that towers over the area and which is formed of Skiddaw slate – a massive geological upthrust of compressed mud and shales formed on the bed of a tropical sea hundreds of millions of years ago.
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Available in a signed edition of 25 Lightjet giclee prints on Kodak Pro Endura
Artist’s thumbprint on verso
20″ x 17″

£450 ( unframed )

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London Dada Work No. 904; The Oxbridge Doors to Equal Opportunity

The doors of opportunity II
The Oxbridge Doors to Equal Opportunity
Michael St.Mark 2017

Sequel to our ” The Doors of Opportunity ” ( 2012 )
Found light blue / dark blue ( boat race colors ) double-locked metal door pair, Westminster.

Fairly explanaTORY, especially after reading this or this

Links to Work no.612; Boatrace Man (remembering Trenton Oldfield )

Saying that UK “has the highest inequality in the western world”, Oldfield said the Boat Race was a symbol of elitism in government.

Asked what the boat race had to do with it, he said: “It’s a symbol of a lot of issues in Britain around class; 70% of government pushing through very significant cuts are Oxford or Cambridge graduates.

It was a symbolic gesture to these kind of issues.”

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Links to Work 734 from 2014; The Graduate


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Work No. 903; Everything Has its Place II

Everything Has its Place ( and should be in its place ) II
Michael St.Mark 2017

Sequel to EHIP 1 ( 2007 )

Junk high carb/ high-profit margin addictive foods, typically defined by refined flour & sugar products, continue to blight the health of the world population well into the 21st C.
As per our previous Work, The Original Pringles, those involved at the sharp end in hyped-up misleading packaging and advertising of these killer food products are equally as culpable in harming the health of millions and in damaging the environment as the morally bankrupt food companies themselves.

Truth & consequences
Innocent victims – two of millions.

Truth and Consequences – that no health minister in the pocket of the food industry ( historically all of them ) dares tell. Rather they not make waves while in office in order to gain a cushy 8 hr week £500,000 PA directorship on the board of some affiliated company such as Nestle after they leave or get kicked out…than save thousands from obesity, Type 2 diabetes with all the suffering, amputations and colossal cost to the NHS by giving the correct information to the public about the danger of high carb refined flour consumption .

Work No. 902; The Original Pringles

The Original Pringles
Michael St. Mark 2017

Pringles Original ( £1.99 from Tesco ) tube alongside small translucent plastic tumbler containing its former contents crushed, diminished, exposed.

Latest in our Conning of the Consumer series; rather like the old art adage “nothing matters unless it gets publicised”; so in the food retail sector nothing gets sold without hyped-up and often deceptive packaging that then goes on to add to the mounting shortage of landfill capacity.

Packaging Power  – litter’ally destroying the planet ” TM  – London Dada

Work No. 901; MSM Tools of the Trade

MSM tools of the trade
MSM Tools of the Trade
Michael St.Mark 2017

Steel alloy crowd control and shepherding barrier stacks; Alexander Palace, north London

Western mainstream ( fakestream ) media comprising TV and hard press are the tools employed by the large institutions, top politicians and individual corporate interest groups to impose one-sided thought control over the masses; the accompanying method of control being naturally also to redact or ignore – thereby keep out – holistic or perceptive thought sources that would allow the people to compare and therefore potentially see through artificial imposition of corrupt agendas such as perpetual preparation for wars that profit the arms and oil industries – to which those in control are all affiliated, indeed wedded.
Naturally, the well-renumerated top news presenters and journalists employed by the MSM, to one degree or another play key roles in shading and obfuscating the truth in this insidious mind control ( therefore people control ) business. In the process they collaterally degrade and debase the once noble profession of honest journalism, not to mention being historically complicit in the needless deaths of thousands of soldiers and mass murder of millions of innocent people in far off lands.

” If the corrupt can control what you think
They control your behavior
To accept their agenda

And the only agenda of any who wish to control others
Is to reduce them to the level of slaves, financial and otherwise”


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