Work No. 932; Seagull Sunrise, homage to JP II

seagull sunset
Seagull Sunrise
Dada Homage to Jackson Pollock II
Michael St.Mark 2017

Black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) random drops onto concrete walkway, Alexander Palace London N. (Spot the digested crab/stag beetle & worm )
( Links to Work No. 561 from 2011; Starling Sunrise )

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Number 23 ( 1948); Jackson Pollock


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Work No. 931; Purple Prince; the artist formerly known as..

richard prince
Purple Prince; the artist formerly known as Mr Appropriation
Art Axis 2017

Richard Prince, the Billy big balls of social media appropriation art…


… himself likewise appropriated ( example photo courtesy artnet )

*Somebody had to do it, may as well be us

Artwork info
Screenshot of PS’d screenshot of the artist’s current web homepage posted to Twitter c/w ID tweet.

Available as one unique Lightjet print on Fuji Crystal Archive
21″ X 21″
Signed & numbered on verso by the artist. One worldwide.
Price on request

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London Dada Work No. 930; The Dead of Winter ( photo triptych )

DOW3 20170204_161212-001 20170204_161905
The Dead of Winter ( 1- 3 )
Michael St.Mark 2017

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As it’s meteorologically the start of spring tomorrow, today is the last suitable opportunity to post this triptych of photos under the desired title, depicting maximum die-back of trees and wild vegetation in the south of England; in this case Trent Park, Herts in mid-December – and which yet still presents interesting aesthetic appeal to the creatively-minded sharp-eyed photographer.

Available as a vertically-mounted triptych of prints or individually in signed editions.
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Work No 929; Bridge No. 111

bridge no 111


Mixed media on paper; 14″ X 10″
Brand new Work from the internationally feted and highly collectible artist Dan Hooms

£15,850 ( original Work, one worldwide )

Limited offer; signed edition of 10 screen prints are being made available to London Dada by the artist to sell on at cost price.
Unrepeatable investment opportunity
£50  ( unframed )

Work No. 928; The Excruciating Passage of Time V

Excruciating passage of time
The Excruciating Passage of Time V
Michael St.Mark 2017



1960s era barbershop with original hairdresser in situ, Camden Town NW1
Cropped digital photograph with minimal image color & contrast manipulation

Latest in the long-running series dating back to 2007. Click on the post header title & scroll down the page for links to previous Works in the series.

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Work No. 927; Neon Blair EU Prayer ( slipped halo triptych )

Neon Blair EU Prayer ( slipped halo triptych )

Neon Blair EU Prayer ( slipped halo triptych )                                                 Michael St. Mark 2017

Press photograph appropriated in a progressive stage digital manipulation triptych.  From Tony Blair’s 17th February 2017 impassioned pro-EU intervention speech at Bloomberg, London.
Or else petition for leniency to Lucifer in the afterlife. Whatever.

Available in a signed edition of 10 on Fujifilm Crystal Archive
21″ X12″
£500 ( unframed )


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London Dada Work No. 926; ZigZag Night – I dream of Kurt

zigzag night
ZigZag Night – I dream of Kurt
Michael St.Mark 2017


The joys of living in an unintended Merz house, with … “doors ill-fitted to already oddly angled frames as if by a drunk; walls and floors alarmingly out of kilter and windows amply ventilating interior rooms – even when closed.
Quite a trip.” – M. St.M 2007

Links to Work No 447 from 2007; ” House of ZigZag


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