Dada in London; work 553; Dada Gems of Autumn.

The Dada Gems of Autumn
c. Dingo / Michael St. Mark, Nov. 2011

(  Fallen Beech leaves from St.James Park, November 19th.
Selection by Dingo, assemblage and photography by M. St.M. )

Beauty in the ordinary, the trodden upon, the common, is  often overlooked and discounted
as irrelevant in art. One of the missions of London Dada is to establish aesthetic
beauty – from which ever such ‘extra ordinary’ source, as totally artistically relevant.

( click to enlarge the eye candy )* Large file size, updated 2016

Dadaist Dingo; ” Seeing/Putting the extra in the ordinary” TM

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Dada in London, Work No. 552; Primary Contrary

Primary Contrary
– the conning of the consumer
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Taking the generally accepted artists’ primary colours of red, yellow and blue, this seminal work intends basic dichotomy in visual/literal contradiction and confusion in the viewer, regressing him/her back to first intellectual learning, disassembling the mental link between experience and language that is used to such effect in politics, the advertising media and retail sector to manipulate the mass individual’s choice.. and so thereby awakening a powerful awareness of its strong hold over us and the first step in weakening that hold.

This Work also specifically relevant to product labeling – horse meat in the packaging guise of beef, for example..

.. or  “ Green Leaf Salad


UPDATE Oct 1st 2018

An interesting new consumer brain scrambler and ad’ man’s new impact text tool – coming to a billboard near you soon..

1ne,  2wo,  3hree,  4our,  5ive,  6ix,  7even,  8ight,  9ine  10en  11leven,  12welve, 13hirteen .. etc

® Michael St.Mark

A Dada Deposit in the newly opened Bank of Ideas

Copy of email sent today to the newy opened Bank Of Ideas in Sun St, E. London, where demonstrators have taken over an empty UBS building.

* Update.  Bank of Ideas was stormed a few days later by riot police ( thought police ) armed with bolt cutters, full body armor and tazers.


Hi Bank Of Ideas,

Writing from London Bridge HQ, LONDON DADA we would like to deposit a Dada conceptual art idea to your bank.
We will be uploading an image to our Blog page today,
….Of a cashpoint machine.

Procure the services of a street artist to spray paint a lifesize version onto either an
inside or, preferably outside wall.

On the cash dispensing area of the image wall there is the zone where a sticky note pad is attached,
for anyone with a good idea/ strapline/soundbyte about an alternative society etc… to peel off and write on. The notes are then stuck back on the wall or on a dedicated inside info board, for others to read & replace.

( * Update 2015, the ideas/feedback note pinning board idea itself was subsequently copied shortly thereafter by Tate Brittain and Tate Modern and are still in situ today in the gallery entrances )

Best wishes
ART AXIS @ London Dada


BOI 930405
The ” IdeaPoint”  machine ( for download )                              The occupied bank

Work 551; Cutout & Keep Dada Christmas Card

Cutout & Keep London Dada Xmas card
 © Michael St.Mark 2010


Free to download & print onto photo card to hand to your “animal-loving”  turkey-munching  friends this Christmas. (*non-commercial use )

Limited edition of 25 giclee prints, 8″ X 7″ , reverse-signed,  £25 each incl p & p.

* sold


Dada in London, work 550; Remembrance day – lest we forget political hypocrisy on wheels.

c-thru bliar
Remembrance Day – Lest we Forget Parliament’s war guilt.
by Michael St.Mark, 11th November 2011

Mixed media digital collage

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Alongside naturally remembering the fallen from the two wars of 1914-18 and 1939-44, the artist asks that we remember the responsibility that Parliament should have in ensuring war is an absolute last resort as opposed to what’s actually transpired during the past 10 years – MPs tamely waving through highly questionable legislation, each in order to protect their own long-term political careers at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in foreign lands.
( RIP Robin Cook MP, one of the few with principles.)

* This London Dada moral protest artwork is dedicated to the 564 British soldiers killed and nearly 10,000 injured to date in the Iraq and Afghanistan  wars, that were jointly instigated by the GW Bush-appeasing Tony Blair, based on transparently dodgy evidence of WMD / terrorist threat.
The two subsequent phony and illegal wars approved in Parliament by typically spineless MPs from both main parties, 2002/3.

( Michael St.Mark proposes new accountability legislation that decrees any future Prime Minister taking this country to war must personally serve alongside front line troops for a minimum of six weeks after commencement of hostilities )


London Dada work 549: How Much is a Ball of String?

How Much is a Ball of String?
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

A protest work, and play on the ubiquitous “how long is a piece of string” conundrum. An ordinary street market scene, yet somehow tinged with melancholia at the plight of the impoverished elderly having to count every penny.

In an an envelope and stamp mail world, life must simplify…  sl o  w    d    o     w       n .

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Wolff Olins’ London 2012 Olympic Logo Art Theft