Dada in London; work 553; Dada Gems of Autumn.

The Dada Gems of Autumn
c. Dingo / Michael St. Mark, Nov. 2011

(  Fallen Beech leaves from St.James Park, November 19th.
Selection by Dingo, assemblage and photography by M. St.M. )

Beauty in the ordinary, the trodden upon, the common, is  often overlooked and discounted
as irrelevant in art. One of the missions of London Dada is to establish aesthetic
beauty – from which ever such ‘extra ordinary’ source, as totally artistically relevant.

( click to enlarge the eye candy )* Large file size, updated 2016

Dadaist Dingo; ” Seeing/Putting the extra in the ordinary” TM

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2 thoughts on “Dada in London; work 553; Dada Gems of Autumn.

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I would love this blown up on my wall 😀

    It’s amazing to think that people are walking about on such things as these leaves and no notice is taken of them at all. They just go to prove that beauty and art is everywhere, even in unlikely places, and it doesn’t always have to be hanging on a wall in the Tate Modern to be appreciated!


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