A Dada Deposit in the newly opened Bank of Ideas

Copy of email sent today to the newy opened Bank Of Ideas in Sun St, E. London, where demonstrators have taken over an empty UBS building.

* Update.  Bank of Ideas was stormed a few days later by riot police ( thought police ) armed with bolt cutters, full body armor and tazers.


Hi Bank Of Ideas,

Writing from London Bridge HQ, LONDON DADA we would like to deposit a Dada conceptual art idea to your bank.
We will be uploading an image to our Blog page today,
….Of a cashpoint machine.

Procure the services of a street artist to spray paint a lifesize version onto either an
inside or, preferably outside wall.

On the cash dispensing area of the image wall there is the zone where a sticky note pad is attached,
for anyone with a good idea/ strapline/soundbyte about an alternative society etc… to peel off and write on. The notes are then stuck back on the wall or on a dedicated inside info board, for others to read & replace.

( * Update 2015, the ideas/feedback note pinning board idea itself was subsequently copied shortly thereafter by Tate Brittain and Tate Modern and are still in situ today in the gallery entrances )

Best wishes
ART AXIS @ London Dada


BOI 930405
The ” IdeaPoint”  machine ( for download )                              The occupied bank

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