Work 551; Cutout & Keep Dada Christmas Card

Cutout & Keep London Dada Xmas card
 © Michael St.Mark 2010


Free to download & print onto photo card to hand to your “animal-loving”  turkey-munching  friends this Christmas. (*non-commercial use )

Limited edition of 25 giclee prints, 8″ X 7″ , reverse-signed,  £25 each incl p & p.

* sold


6 thoughts on “Work 551; Cutout & Keep Dada Christmas Card

  1. That’s a card worth sending :yes:
    Reminds me of ads for meat with a sweet little lamb or calf or pig next to a picture of a joint of meat 🙄

    Most insensitive and disrespectful , I feel , though perhaps it has educational value for children. 😉



    • Children should be taught respect for all life at an early age… but that assumes the parents themselves are up to it.
      A tour around a working slaughterhouse for the die-hard carnivores would be beneficial, I feel.


  2. Yes, i’ve seen the ad, it’s definately a family size ‘heart attack waiting to happen bucket’, get them started on the slippery slope early.

    Rancid roadside cafe blog coming along in the near future! Saw loads of them open yesterday, giving people diarrhoea just in time for the Monday morning ‘rush’ back to work :))


  3. Hopefully this will put a few people off their Christmas dinner—-although will it? so many people look on Christmas as a time to indulge their appetites to excess with mountains of fattening foods, washing it all down with vats of alcohol, it makes me cringe to think about it. Still it’s their livers and not mine, thankgoodness 😀

    Big business around this time of year keeping [and killing] geese and turkeys, but how many will think about how it ended up on their plate as they load on the roasties and pour the gravy over?

    The geese in the field out the back of you will be starting to look over their shoulders soon, poor things—–and no, i don’t eat goose or turkey.


    • Taste buds get the better, most folk don’t care about the suffering of other living beings so long as they’re safe and financially sound, yet profess to be loving at heart, most people dont stop to think what they’re eating, if its on the telly it must be good – have you seen that recent KFC Family sludge Bucket ad’?
      Jeeez H. Christ flippin’ gristle burgers in a rancid roadside van caff!


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