London Dada Work No. 890; Hypno Pool

Hypno Pool
Hypno Pool
Michael St.Mark 2016

One of a vertically-formatted photographic triptych taken of Regents Park Canal surface, immediately post heavy rain shower.
(Accompanying Video Version 890V )

Hypno Pool collage



” Our brief lives, like concentric waves expanding outwards from the drop of birth, until they again fade and join with the eternal infinite pool ” – M. St.M

A Merry Dada White Christmas to All

Re-post from 2007 by our dastardly clever direct art action artist Art Axis and equally applicable 9 years on, where no one in the UK today is waking up to a White Christmas, courtesy of an exceptionally mild SW airstream covering the entire British Isles.


he can memorize the bible back to front.
OTHERS, that he’s the grandson of Marcel Duchamp who was adopted by Salvador Dali as a child….

All we know is …. he’s called ART AXIS, our resident direct action Dada artist and he wants to not wish but give you all a Merry DADA White Christmas, in probably the only place in the entire UK this year, courtesy of 10 X 5 litres of a well-known brand of washing up liquid poured into Sudbury municipal fountain at 6am this very Xmas eve morn. A strong to gale force westerly blew the huge suds tumbling through the town, causing major hilarity and traffic disruption among the feverish last-minute Xmas shoppers..:yes::))

( Larger pics are click-thru enlargeable again )


white christmas 3DADA White Christmas 2DWC4

Fairy Liquid snowball fight anyone?

white christmas 2DWC10

Oh what fun it was to ‘vandalize’ a stuffy local authority water feature..

DWC11white christmas 1DWC13
He’s dreaming of a white Christmas – but like one you’ve never known

All photos copyright Art Axis 2007


A more recent Art Axis Dada protest Work; Tate Modern Transition ( 2016 )


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London Dada Work No. 889; KCO3 ( Off the Back of an Art Lorry )

art off the bacl of an art lorry
KCO3 ( Off the Back of an Art Lorry)
c. Dingo 2016

Builders’ scaffolding planks stacked on a serendipitously number-plated flatbed truck; Whetstone, N. London.
Cropped photograph ( derived from image below – check the number plate 🙂  )

Signed on verso edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
100cms x 78cms
£450 ( unframed )

Art off the back of a lorry
Click to enlarge the plate


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