Dalikrab Art Day 2012, London Dada entry

Cut n' crab paste Dali drowndk2
Dalikrab Crab Paste
Waterfall c/w colour-reversal Dalikrab blue period edition.
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

( Collage with Shippams crab spread paste )

Official London Dada entry to this year’s international Dalikrab Day multi-media art festival event holiday, created and organized Stateside by Justynn Tyme. (Runs from March 31st for an unspecified period).
Link to the event, which is open to all March hares to enter…

email artwork/sounds/poetry etc to ; Dalikrabday@yahoo.com
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Subsidiary Dalikrab Day entry;

DK Heatmap T.
Dalikrab Heatmap Triptych
c. London Dada 2012

Link to last year’s event. http://londondada.blog.co.uk/2011/03/31/dalikrab-day-10922728/

London Dada Work No. 592; The Volvo Sahara – Midsummer in March

the volvo sahara
The All-New Volvo Sahara / Midsummer in March.
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


Particles of sand that according to the weather men were carried directly from the Sahara desert in N. Africa on a southerly wind and washed out with a period of rain that fell on southern England in March 2012. Accompanied by unseasonably high summer-like temperatures
* Phenomenon happens roughly once every couple of years

( click to enlarge the bonnet capture )


Available as a one-off signed 20″x 17″ Giclee print on archival Ilford Pearl paper.  Mounted+framed; £1400


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London Dada work 591; In Dumbdownton Abbey – England 2012

In Dumbdownton Abbey ( England 2012
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Fascination with the degradation state of the nation.
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(Click to enlarge).

London Dada Work No. 589; Northern Line – The Incredible Indifference of Strangers XI

Northern Line ( Strangers in Paradise / The Incredible Indifference of Strangers XI )
Michael St.Mark 2012

Latest in the Indifference ( or Strangers in Paradise) series, exploring the intriguing dichotomy between coldness of human interaction in public in startling contrast to opposite personas on show within the familiar work/family/friends setting.

Digitally altered/enhanced image Orton style. Unique Lightjet print onto Ilford Peal archival paper, 20″ X 12″
Choice of frames


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LONDON DADA WORK 587; Ally Pally TV Repair Engineer ( 2-part Work)

march fall-001
Ally Pally TV Repair Engineer ( two-part work)

c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Alexandra Palace and the BBC TV transmission tower, north London.
( Click to enlarge the image )