London Dada Work No. 592; The Volvo Sahara – Midsummer in March

the volvo sahara
The All-New Volvo Sahara / Midsummer in March.
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


Particles of sand that according to the weather men were carried directly from the Sahara desert in N. Africa on a southerly wind and washed out with a period of rain that fell on southern England in March 2012. Accompanied by unseasonably high summer-like temperatures
* Phenomenon happens roughly once every couple of years

( click to enlarge the bonnet capture )


Available as a one-off signed 20″x 17″ Giclee print on archival Ilford Pearl paper.  Mounted+framed; £1400


Links to Work 365; Getaway Car

7 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 592; The Volvo Sahara – Midsummer in March

  1. I can see it looks like ripples of sand, i just wondered what it was on the bonnet, if it was a reflection of something 😀 [reminds me of the windblown sand at Roanhead!!]

    I guess it’s a bit late at night for my limited brain power, sorry!


    • Fine sand carried high in the air by southerly winds… all the way off the Sahara desert!
      Falling with rain onto surfaces, car bonnets included, this one an outstanding exg.
      Not to worry me lass, all brains are limited…except apparently those of our superior ‘know-all” polit’liars!


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