Dalikrab Art Day 2012, London Dada entry

Cut n' crab paste Dali drowndk2
Dalikrab Crab Paste
Waterfall c/w colour-reversal Dalikrab blue period edition.
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

( Collage with Shippams crab spread paste )

Official London Dada entry to this year’s international Dalikrab Day multi-media art festival event holiday, created and organized Stateside by Justynn Tyme. (Runs from March 31st for an unspecified period).
Link to the event, which is open to all March hares to enter…

email artwork/sounds/poetry etc to ; Dalikrabday@yahoo.com
DaliKrab event on Facebook;


Subsidiary Dalikrab Day entry;

DK Heatmap T.
Dalikrab Heatmap Triptych
c. London Dada 2012

Link to last year’s event. http://londondada.blog.co.uk/2011/03/31/dalikrab-day-10922728/

Slug Fest by Justynn Tyme, posted

slug fest
It’s official  – eight out of ten slugs prefer Whiskas cat buscuits

Copyright 200? Justynn Tyme. Taken from Justynn’s Facebook album “Warning. Slug Sex “.

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direct link… http://www.justynntyme.com