DaLiKRab day

DaliKrab day pariswells
c. Paris Wells

Just one of the remarkable manifestations on DaliKrab day, a bizarre holiday invented by fellow Dadaist and Absurdist Justynn Tyme.
You could do worse than give yourself a Salvadorian Kit kat krab break from the stalemate of normality and have a seafood butchers at all this year’s Dali Krab crustacean crossover expansions into other realms of melting grandfather clocks, live crabs in vending machines * etc etc @ blog



Subjective Matter from Taped Rugs Productions on Vimeo.

probably justabout the most disturbing little film you’re likely to see ’til daliKrab day 2012. Hopefully a temporary public artwork installation and the creatures let loose again.
* LONDON DADA does not condone animal abuse.

Dali crackedJustynn

A Justynn Tyme derivation ( splendid job my man! )

work 441 – From Grave to Cradle 2 .. reincarnation special

From Grave to Cradle 2
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Click the pic to contemplate inexorable fate…

Link to New Dada Work 190 from 2006, Grave to Cradle 1;