DaLiKRab day

DaliKrab day pariswells
c. Paris Wells

Just one of the remarkable manifestations on DaliKrab day, a bizarre holiday invented by fellow Dadaist and Absurdist Justynn Tyme.
You could do worse than give yourself a Salvadorian Kit kat krab break from the stalemate of normality and have a seafood butchers at all this year’s Dali Krab crustacean crossover expansions into other realms of melting grandfather clocks, live crabs in vending machines * etc etc @ blog



Subjective Matter from Taped Rugs Productions on Vimeo.

probably justabout the most disturbing little film you’re likely to see ’til daliKrab day 2012. Hopefully a temporary public artwork installation and the creatures let loose again.
* LONDON DADA does not condone animal abuse.

Dali crackedJustynn

A Justynn Tyme derivation ( splendid job my man! )

8 thoughts on “DaLiKRab day

  1. well dalikrab day dictates its own length of time itself… one year it stopped after three days another year it was a week and a half. 🙂

    SD’s mustashe i swear as kept on growing its 30 feet long now and made its way into several other graves like roots.


  2. I think old Salvador would love this, it’s right up his street, I always wonder what sort of mind creates these things and then I feel jealousy, if only I could create something to make people think outside of what most folk call “Normal”, if only.


  3. Goodly to see de DaDaliKrab 2011 is a much higher tide this year. Well done my fine fellow…. yet I see there is an epidemic of spam creeping in also with you, as here.
    Keep a handle on deletion today as it’s all floating to the top of the page and burying the krabs.


  4. why thank you sir! your most excellent bits were posted on the dawn of dalikrab day (even though the screwy thing sex march 30th) at 12:05 (est) March 31st more stuff coming in all.


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