RIP Lou Reed, integrity personified.

RIP Lou Reed 1942 – 2013

Artist of genuine integrity and talent who fearlessly portrayed the full spectrum of life around him and who relentlessly upheld core human values;  ‘telling it like it is’ regardless of career-limiting consequences

Dirty Boulevard” from the 1989 New York album

Give us your hungry, your tired, your poor; we’ll piss all over them
  That’s what the Tory/Lib Dem coalition say.



work 648; Watching Art Dry

Watching Art Dry / Pictures at an Exhibition
c. 2013 Michael St.Mark

( Outdoor paints testing station near the shoreline,  E. Sussex )
As per previous work –  when all the pretty pictures and patterns, dead animals and flashy SFX are done, where might art go next .. retire to the seaside?

London Dada

London Dada work 621; Fish Supper Couple…

F&C couple
Fish Supper Couple ( for the love of food )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

20″ x 15″ digitally-enhanced hand-finished giclee print.
the image manip’ effects used  to intentionally create an
impression of movement,  intimating the hand-to-mouth
action involved in eating take-out foods.

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