London Dada Work No. 586; A Mid-Spin Hirst in Davos

DSCF5652Damien Hirst
Mid-Spin in Davos
c. Art Axis / Damien Hirst 2012

Digitally enhanced and edited screenshot from video of the creation of a spin painting by Damien Hirst at the Victor Pinchuk foundation in Davos, Switzerland in 2011. A legal appropriation artwork sourced during the spin process when the painting is still in a formative, unfinished state.

* Update 2013; Said video has been withdrawn from YouTube & no longer available in the public domain.

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LD work 170; The Artist, the Collector and the Gallery
c. Michael St.Mark 2006

London Dada Work No. 585; Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms / Cashpoint Blues ( accidental public artwork )
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Random assorted public finger smear marks on glass cashpoint screen, Holborn London.

Available as a unique 12″X10″ (  screen-size) signed fine art Lightjet print on Illford Pearl archival. One worldwide.
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First in a new LD series exploring unintended art produced by unconscious accumulations of  human interactions with the environment.

Links to Work 715 from 2014; Money is a Frantic Language


” Suddenly, the world has become the gallery” – Michael St.Mark, 2012

” New York has become my gallery ” – Banksy, quote from Banksy does New York / Better Out Than In residency, 2013

” Imitation is the lowest form of art” – Michael St.Mark 2014

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unconscious paintings Rob-and-Nick-Carter

* Update Feb 2015. Rob and Nicky Carter’s ” Unconscious Paintings” by an amazing co-incidence develop the same theme of accidental art created by unconscious human interactions. ( Released 3 months ( June 2012 ) after the above seminal London Dada Work, ( March 2012)… that was itself as far as we’ve researched the first artwork in history to employ the concept of unconscious art created through a process of accumulative unconscious physical human interactions over time.

* Update 2017; Turner Prize 2017 shortlisted artist Andrea Buttner’s entry;
“Smartphone glass finger smears” ( etchings from reversed photographs re-photographed / enlarged )



Withdrawal Symptoms Monochrome Reverse
(c) Michael St.Mark 2012

Selected crop of the original Work ( top page )

London Dada; reorienting art in the 21st C.

London Dada Work 583 Through a Glass Darkly (marking ‘Occupy St.Pauls’ protesters’ eviction )

Through a Glass Darkly
( marking Occupy St.Paul’s  camp destruction & protestors’ eviction and arrest by state thugs – with full Cathedral Bishop and clergy blessings. )
c. Michael St.Mark 28/2/2012

( London Dada moral perception-protest work, featuring St Paul’s Cathedral website homepage photographed through a spirits tumbler.
Available as one only signed & dated Giclee print on archival quality paper,  12″X12″  £ 270 –  sale proceeds  to  Occupy London .
*Not available (banned) on Saatchi Online. ( Click to enlarge.)



Through-glass St. Paul’s text clarification;
Tagd I        “Glory to God in the highest house and on earth peace”
Tagd II    ” Jesus said “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations”

St Paul’s Cathedral last night with Cameron’s OTT control  goons in charge… whatever would JC have said – as he turned on his cross.
Photos courtesy of  Daily Telegraph & The Guardian

Through a glass darkly meaning.
“St. Paul talks in one of his letters to the church in Corinth (1 Cor. 13, 12) of ‘seeing through a glass darkly’. This basically means that whilst on this earth we can only have a poor glimpse of the Kingdom of God as if we are looking into a dark mirror (the ‘glass’) where the reflection is very poor ” –  Wikipedia

* Artist’s note. Conspicuous by their absence, perhaps in “holy communion” with themselves… any of St.Paul’s pampered clergy defending even the people who were there to pray, from being dragged down the steps by riot police. It seems to be more than these ecclesiastical wind bags’ pristine white collar jobs are worth, to be seen acting like a good Christian, preferring it seems to talk the Good Samaritan.

It surely would have only taken one true Christian from their midst to take a stand with the Occupy protesters, to greatly boost the anti-corporate greed movement, not to mention enhance massively public esteem for the church and the christian community generally worldwide.

But not a single person from St.Pauls or the church generally has the courage of their convictions.



London Dada archive of signed limited edition Works from 2005 – present being released for investment;




Gilbert and George body poppers

Body Poppers
c. Gilbert and George 2013

( featuring distorted composite views through drinks glasses’ bottoms )

Produced the following year after Through a Glass Darkly ( above) by M. St.Mark, employing first use in art of image-distortion by means of viewing through the bottom ( npi ) of a drinks glass.
The large glass-fronted  London Dada Galerie 691 Shoreditch,  displaying Through a Glass Darkly is but a short distance from the home of the two artists and from where they often sally forth on Sunday afternoon in-tandem walkabouts, documenting life in E. London..

London Dada Work 582; Clinique – Three Steps to Heaven ( Sweet Dreams are Made of This)

Clinique – Three Steps to Heaven
( Sweet dreams are made of this? )
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

CLINIQUE @ John Lewis. Click to enlarge.

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London Dada Work 577; Vision Expresso

Vision Expresso

Vision Expresso

c. Michael St.Mark 2012
( fineline ink, graphite & pastel on paper, 27 x 21cm )
( click to enlarge detail )


They say as you get older your mind tends to regress back into youth –  my full-of-wonder student daze of technical drawing and graphic design flights of fancy seem to be making a comeback here at a cluttered St.Mark towers.
It’s a total delight knocking this stuff out  – like enjoying a healthy al fresco meal with fine wine. Cathartic too.
M St.M

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Unique Work, for price contact the gallery

London Dada Work 576; Logpecker


Dingo 2012

(click the images to enlarge)

After a day of scratching and scrabbling, London Dadaist Dingo yet again discovered a new species previously considered extinct by Darwinian evolutionists – the elusive Logpecker ( Picidaeous loggous), along with its fossilized chick to left picture.
In 2008 Dingo salvaged its genetic cousin, the long lost Logfish ( loggous fishous extraordinarious ), link here.


Dingo – ” Putting/Seeing the Extra in the Ordinary” TM



London Dada Work 575; The Astral Possibility of Life in the Mind of Someone Dead

Astral possibility of life
The Astral Possibility of Life in the Mind of Someone Dead ( after DH )

( Empty shop window glass pane holding no reflection of the observer c/w headless mannequin, Canterbury Kent. )
Michael St.Mark 2010


Q. ” How will I know if I’m dead”?
A. ” You look in a mirror.. and there’s no reflection.”

Signed Lightjet print on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 380gm paper;
26″ X 30″
£1,850 ( unframed )

( After Damien Hirst. Click on the image to enlarge )

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the mind of Someone living.
Damien Hirst, 1991