6 thoughts on “LONDON dADA WORK 588; Spectators

    • Put it this way, I’m sure they wouldn’t get assigned the little red boat ( though wouldn’t it be fun to see the royal couple wedged in and struggling to row it around ):)
      There probably is some kind of intergenerational kudos associated with getting your kids into the cool dragons as opposed to the rather battered swans.
      Conflict is everywhere these daze…


      • The curse of gentrification? It was once a very gentrified area though judging by the size of the house my one bed apt. was in and those around it.


      • I lived for 7 years from 2000 just down the hill from here, in a 2-bed apartment that’s the very gentrified Viv’ Stanshall’s old place. He died in a fire there in 1996.
        I always wondered from which odd corner of my cranium I got the idea to re-launch Dada… Vive le Viv’!


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