London Dada Work No. 589; Northern Line – The Incredible Indifference of Strangers XI

Northern Line ( Strangers in Paradise / The Incredible Indifference of Strangers XI )
Michael St.Mark 2012

Latest in the Indifference ( or Strangers in Paradise) series, exploring the intriguing dichotomy between coldness of human interaction in public in startling contrast to opposite personas on show within the familiar work/family/friends setting.

Digitally altered/enhanced image Orton style. Unique Lightjet print onto Ilford Peal archival paper, 20″ X 12″
Choice of frames


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5 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 589; Northern Line – The Incredible Indifference of Strangers XI

  1. Those train journeys, Northern and Piccadilly line can be so long , so when you get to sit down you have a safe space where you can choose to do your own thing, escape into your own world or stare blankly at others and let your fantasy play and soar as it will.

    Inspiring picture 🙂




  2. this is like looking through a window into peoples lives.

    It reminds me of strangers sitting in a doctors waiting room,studiously ignoring each other in case engaging someone in conversation gives them ‘Carte Blanche’ to tell you all their woes! They’re all there for a similar reason but worlds apart in reality.


    • I find the difference between out-in-public alone and mixing/socialising with friends etc behaviour a strangely compelling study. Doctors’, but more especially dentists’ waiting rooms also have an air of fear about them …and I’m fairly sure it’s not all mine U-(


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