Work No. 790; How to Scrunch a Cartoonist ( just desserts )

Scrunching the Cartoonist ( just desserts)
Progressive quadriptych

Art Axis 2015


Source image; Peter Brookes, leader page cartoonist with The Times, at an award ceremony..and his latest satirical effort ( 15/9/2015 )


“Scrunch portraiture” a new genre in satirical portrait photo re-interpretation, invented by artist Michael St.Mark in 2007.
 Details and backlink here



Gif by the artist Atacart; 2016


” The invention of  Scrunch Art TM by Dadaist Michael St.Mark in 2007 opens up a semi-random multi-faceted variety of latent expressions and moods possible to be imputed on the subject that incorporates a strong hint of Cubism that, with applied artistic sensibility, can be derived from just one source image without need of use of  limited and defined computer image manipulation software.”

LONDON DADA – KickstARTing the 21st C.

Work No. 789; Tory Runaway Car – Emergency Brake

Applying the Corbyn Brake
Michael St.Mark, 2015

A4 photo montage. Car floor control pedals & Jeremy Corbyn portrait.
Posted in the hour after he was elected leader of the Labour Party.


Four months on – we’re surprised it took the Tories so long, but then again perhaps not – they latch on to a good term and twist it to suit their own cynical ends.
Captureemergency brake







Work No 788; Royal Record Breaker / TEPOT4

Record Breaker / The Excruciating Passage of Time IV
c. Art Axis 2015

London Dada commemorates the record-breaking reign of HM Queen Elizabeth, 1952 – 2015; overtaking Queen Victoria
as the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Latest in our Excruciating Passage of Time series.

Related Work from 2012. Celebrating Her Majesty’s Jubilee year.