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Television screenshot of an injured and captured mercenary from the Libyan town of Misrata. Part of a rebel army unit that had been shelling civilian areas and sniping from rooftops at anything that moved. Here pictured wounded ( & shot in the foot to prevent escape ) with a wad of Gaddafi’s blood money ironically now soaked with his own blood; he admits to piece work – paid per person he shot..

  ( “I have wife and hungry children to feed, what else could I do“? ).

The Work relates to the increasingly common mentality of ” I don’t care about anyone else just so long as I’m doing ok ”  and how it is inexorably destroying the social fabric of the entire world – this being a particularly archetypal example – along with the arms dealer, drug dealer, the abattoir worker, the rogue banker & multi corporation executive, the Tory health minister.. and now *CORONA UPDATE 2023 – our silent doctors and our bought-off poodle media.M St.M

* 2020 is witnessing a global power grab away from the world’s 99% by the 1% in the guise of protecting them from a bug that,  taking into account the average excess seasonal mortality average over the previous 5 years, was ( * 2022 update )  no more harmful than the seasonal flu.
Needless fear-mongering and outright lies as means of controlling the masses are rife by corrupt governments and global main media corporations.
The above “bottom line” image, now more than ever represents an accurate metaphor to describe most journalists, doctors, scientists and politicians, being directly or indirectly in the pay of the mega wealthy’s agenda of mass control.

  • March 2023.
    Isabel Oakeshott confirms the farcically disrespectful psychosis that resulted in misery, forced separation from loved ones and needless death for thousands across the country, that was playing out behind the scenes at the diseased heart of government during the 2021/22, covid years. Matt Hancock exposed here

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Twitter Thread, March 2023. Suggesting a way forward from this apparently intractable problem, by using the same blunt tool of financial persuasion as the corrupt elites are employing in order to achieve their nefarious ends – instead, offering substantial support to insider expert and qualified whistleblowers in return for their brave actions in exposing the charade that is the” W.E.F. Great Reset” ( the great imposition of in-essence mass slavery )

Requires a globally-organized response in terms of billions in donations towards what is ultimately a battle for the survival of human freedoms and of advancing enlightened civilization.