Work 389; When All the Affairs are Done



When all the Affairs are Done  (an archetype)
© 2010 Michael St. Mark


French tourist
Beer garden, Rye.


For lost loves – who couldn’t have cared less about love


She’s used up her “35 miles of men” – and more.

Ahh, those sexciting swinging 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s but
Nowadays, she notes, toyboys glance
just the once.

This then, the inevitable residual psychological stasis, a
tangled memory prison 
of sexual / emotional karma
binding her mind strong as if
cast in iron with
a suffocating sense of emptiness, the
inexorable long and lonesome end..


Work 388 … Tarmac TV



Tarmac TV
c. Dingo 2010

( Found road work, signed in seaweed and dog shadow pebble by Dingo.
Rye Harbour May 2010 )

New Dada artist Dingo ” Putting the extra in the ordinary ” TM
” Seeing the extra in the ordinary” TM

Flash and Grab Art Robbery; Dead Dali Dada

London Dada resurrect a piece of playful DADA anti art ( Work 152 from Dec 2005, click on Archive above ), taken (stolen) using prohibited (flash) photography from within the dark confines of ” Dali Universe”, then located on the South Bank, London.

We accept Salvador Dali’s stated invitation ( actually printed by Dali Universe heirs on the mount below the miniature  ) to steal the famous surrealist’s ideas in the spirit in which it was offered by the artist and claim this to therefore be a genuine ( world’s first )  posthumous art collaboration and with the tacit approval of Dali himself given before his death.

The actual work is in the form of a one-off photo print, 20 X 25cms, mounted, framed and signed with a copy of Salvador Dali’s common art signature alongside that of Michael St.Mark.

Dead Dali Dada – a posthumous collaboration
by Salvador Dali and Michael St. Mark c. 2005


Scene of the flash & grab art theft, the Dali Universe in 2005.
Link to the 2005 post

“Dead Dali Dada” POA

– Art Axis.


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