Work 389; When all the affairs are done



When all the Affairs are Done  (an archetype)
c. 2010 Michael St. Mark

( for lost loves )


She used up her 35 miles of men and more  – ahh, those sexciting swinging 1960s, 70s, 80s

Nowadays, she notes, toyboys glance just the once -and quickly away.

This then, a residual psychological stasis, a tangled prison of sexual-emotional karma, strong as if cast in iron..

..and a suffocating sense of emptyness, the inevitable long and lonesome end.


2 thoughts on “Work 389; When all the affairs are done

  1. Indeed dadear Justynn, and time tells too.
    Tells its own grim tale – humans are the countless insignificant pebbles on the beach of world society, being worn and marked by friction with one other at each and every unstoppable daily tide of life.

    Wise indeed the dAdAist recluse, busy with his own private infinite world of wonder.


  2. through the bars,
    bent knees in need.
    a silence curse
    hurled from the bricks
    to the thicks
    only a glimps
    of dada
    and all is a burlap fajita
    full of
    krispy kreme day dream delights.

    [authors note: thanks for the inspiration! i have not been able fit in to my dada pancho as of late. I may be impregnated with dada…. tyme will tell]


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