London Dada Work No. 719: Six Ex-GFs. The Shutters of Love

six ex gfs
Six Ex-Girlfriends / The Shutters of Love
  c. M. St.M 2014
Was there ever a boyfriend they didn’t cheat on? ”

In any case it would appear to end up the same


heart shutterexGF/shutteroflove

Registered art & design concept. . . . . . . .+ Work No. 719a Ex-GF / The Shutters of Love
c. Michael St.Mark 20/11/2014

Double-rhyming Haiku

When their shutters of love come down
leaves you feeling just like a sad clown

Those heartfelt pledges of love so true
meant nothing to her – and now you


Steel shutters are electrically-operated by a decisive human hand


As she swung through life
from man vine to man vine
above an unbearably lonely ground

one thick strong shaft was n’er let go
til another was in-hand found

  • M. St.M
  • ” The illusion of romance, perpetrated by a sick media causes more mental illness in the US than anything else ” – Frank Zappa


Talking book

” I wish I had a talking book
that told me how to act and look,
a talking book that contained keys
to past and present memories
a talking book that said your name
and so if you were gone
you’d still remain ..

..but could a talking book ever replace our love? ”

– Lou Reed

” From certain angles, he looks like a goddam werewolf ” ( recorded verbatim, Margo.. so probably not heh. )

“” OMG you were awfully hoarse at the station after Portugal ”

What a f*g star you are.

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