Work No. 720: Little White Lie – Big Blue Consequence

Little White Lie – Big Blue Consequence
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Multi-stage digital monochrome rendering of color TV screenshot from 2012 during an outdoor broadcast interview with then Tory cabinet minister and chief whip Andrew Mitchell, in which he vehemently denies ” using the words to which I have been attributed ” – ie ” f*king plebs ” ( to describe armed protection police officers in Downing Street when they insisted he used the side exit gate like everyone else, as opposed to opening the main (vehicular) gates for the self-important minister and his bicycle & basket )

Today, 2 years on, found by a High Court libel judge to have “on the balance of probability” used the words to which he was attributed.
So from the hubris of libel to liable .. for £millions in costs and damages, when a simple honest apology to the cop
concerned would probably have caused the whole episode to blow over in a week. Deary me, these tiresome “get off my land” attituded Oxbridge fascists.

Full story here

Available to purchase in signed limited edition of 25 lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
20″H x 13″W ( unframed )


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