Work No. 721: Escape

c. Michael St.Mark 2010

It’s that time of year again – we dream of the Costas ( not coffee )

South Mimms, Hertfordshire, 2010. Stormcloud/weather front with passenger airplane

Available in a signed edition of 25 lightjet fine art prints on Ilford Pearl archival paper
20″H x 24″W (unframed)

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2 thoughts on “Work No. 721: Escape

  1. Arrgh, its the global warming demon …
    (about three quarters of the way across the bottom of the picture there’s a treetop, just under when the cloud comes to a point. Straight up from that, about two thirds the height, one the edge of the closes cloud is what looks like a mouth and a little further up what looks like a rather brutish snub nose.
    My son spotted that, on the way to his fine art diploma he had to look at things with eyes half closed and discern shapes that could be interpreted as something else. It was a fun way to pass time while we were having a cup of tea.


  2. It would be nice to escape the British winter……somewhere sunny and warm, I don’t always mind it though only when its wet. There is something comforting about shutting your front door against the elements, closing your curtains against the night and settling down in front of the fire nice and cosy! I guess i’m just an old romantic 🙂


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