Work No 722/3; Spirits of a Christmas Past / The Christmas Lights

  Spirits of a Christmas Past
  c. Michael St.Mark 1991

Aldwych, London.  December 1991
Taken using Bronica MF camera with Ilford 120 Delta monochrome @ 400ASA

Award-winning photograph, now available in a signed limited edition of 25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
Image enlarges to 30″ x 30″ while maintaining fine detail.
Unframed; £450
Purchase details; LD Archive / shop site.

The Christmas Lights
  The Christmas Lights
  c. Art Axis 2014

Work based on a 4 hour inch-at-a time crawl que experience through 4 junctions covering about 30 miles on the M6; evening of December 22nd. To be available for purchase as signed limited edition prints in the New Year.

5 thoughts on “Work No 722/3; Spirits of a Christmas Past / The Christmas Lights

  1. You headed north for the holiday then. I used to do that 30 mile crawl every Friday returning to Lancashire from working in London.
    Both images are good, the guys in the top one look a bit like The Hairy Bikers.


    • Marathon M works and their long stretches of 50 zones are sprouting up big time again now, just as they did in the months prior to the last general election.. fairly obviously ministers getting future kickbacks secured from the big highways works contractors in case there’s a change of government in May. Just before Brown got the boot, I counted over 150 miles of often pointless M1 / 6 works lane closures etc. At night they sneak phantom works through by getting community service guys in bright yellow jackets to put out then take back in millions of cones from the back of those ubiquitous cones trucks. ( amended a minor typo on your previous)


      • Fortunately I can avoid such things, if there are lane closures notified on the M6 I just take the scenic route through Ribchester, Longridge and up the A6 when going to see my Dear Old Mum in Morecambe.


      • Statistically the sunniest place in England did you know; Eric’s statue on the promenade striking its “bring me sunshine” pose, is working its magic spell.
        I like Morecambe, the fish & chips aint bad either 🙂

        Happy New Year Ian – appreciated all the insightful & crack-up laughs blogging in ’14.


      • I like Morecambe too…….and the fish and chips!

        It was good to see Eric Morecambe’s statue being returned to it’s rightful place on the prom after some fool tried to cut through one of his legs!


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