London Dada Work No. 719: Six Ex-GFs. The Shutters of Love

asix ex gfs
Six Ex-Girlfriends / The Shutters of Love
  c. M. St.M 2014
Was there ever a boyfriend they didn’t cheat on? ”

In any case it would appear to end up the same


heart shutterexGF/shutteroflove

Registered art & design concept. . . . . . . .+ Work No. 719a Ex-GF / The Shutters of Love
c. Michael St.Mark 20/11/2014

Double-rhyming Haiku

When their shutters of love come down
leaves you feeling just like a sad clown

Those heartfelt pledges of love so true
meant nothing to her – and now you


Steel shutters are electrically-operated by a decisive human hand



Swinging from man vine to man vine
above a lonely ground

one thick strong shaft is n’er let go
til another is in-hand found


Talking book ( for Margo )

” I wish I had a talking book
that told me how to act and look,
a talking book that contained keys
to past and present memories
a talking book that said your name
and so if you were gone
you’d still remain ..

..but could a talking book ever replace our love? ”


– Lou Reed


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