New Dada work no 306, The English Premier League Abroad…..posted

Hektor 2
The English Premier League Abroad. A Quespery Sport Report

Copyright 2008 by Hektor Hamulek ( Hektor Revisited )

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Mercifully for all fans of fabtastic DaDa on stilts, our old friend and true original, HH has returned, his weirdly hypnotic star shining all the brighter for his enforced maternal duty-absence.

Check out the truly original satirical illustrations on his blog at top left of my friends thumbs here > > > > > > >

Work No. 305. Hexaptych of Gross

 Hexaptych of Gross
 c. Michael St. Mark


Six-part photo sequence, Starbucks N. Circular, Edmonton.
Bacon bun buttie breakfast – the working man’s fave ticket to coronary land.


Signed limited edition x 25 digital photo collage on Kodak Pro Endura
20″ x 16″

* This work released for sale at March 2014
 £250 ( unframed)

Work No. 304: Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds
c. Michael St.Mark 2008

The reality of the newsmedia – a sensationalized superficiality that diverts awareness away
 from  looking within to our own personal everyday – the real news.

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