New Dada work no 306, The English Premier League Abroad…..posted

Hektor 2
The English Premier League Abroad. A Quespery Sport Report

Copyright 2008 by Hektor Hamulek ( Hektor Revisited )

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Mercifully for all fans of fabtastic DaDa on stilts, our old friend and true original, HH has returned, his weirdly hypnotic star shining all the brighter for his enforced maternal duty-absence.

Check out the truly original satirical illustrations on his blog at top left of my friends thumbs here > > > > > > >

5 thoughts on “New Dada work no 306, The English Premier League Abroad…..posted

  1. I can’t think of better place than Gannymede for football to be played, hopefully pictures from there won’t reach my tv and so I’ll be able to watch Strictly come dancing every week instead of that game for Morons, give Gannymede the title of the new Dubai where ALL football players can fook off to and not come back.


    • Howdy Bradders, yes, t’would be quite a goodly location to stage all the Premier Leagues fixtures… on liquid methane at minus 200 C and about one tenth gravity! Players in spacesuits with their team T shirts pulled over them.
      A wonderful Dada spectacle all in all.

      Even if the games would be more or less over by the time the TV signal reaches earth!


    • Thank you Hektor. I would advise that as a recent example of your work, you circulate the fitting fits of laughter Jem Beadle obituary to the Sundays, Private Eye etc.
      Buy the Writers & Artists Yearbook for many more contacts including agents. Finding an agent who specializes in satirical illustration might be a good idea. Bon chance!


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