6 thoughts on “New Dada work no. 307, Tree TV Takeover.

      • Was she the one who fancied you and you felt sorry for her so you went out with her only to have to reject her in the end and that made you riddled with guilt for the rest of your life, one?

        Was that her?


      • 100% correct, help yourself to cuddly toy from the top shelf, when I was young I used look at the pretty girls and thought that I’d never bag one, when it came to the schooldance it was always me and one girl left after everyone had taken their partners, flea bag Barratt we called her, she was such a Troll and even she didn’t want to dance with me, imagine my delight later in life when the Foxy Chick jumped at the chance for a date with me, for she was and still is a pretty lass.


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