Work No. 943; A Moffat Watercolor / Thaw

A Moffat Watercolor
Michael St.Mark 2017

Latest in the long-running series. Since 2006




Work No. 943A, Thaw
© Michael St.Mark 2018

Corresponding later Work, we believe also a photographic first, of thaw-exposed snowdrifts taken through a raindrop-distorted window / unique title combo.

Artist Advisory

Work No. 940; Spoil Heap

( “Spoil” as in spoiling consumers’ health )

Latest in the ” Conning of the Consumer” series.

Giant (one-meter ) matryoshka doll-style crisp bag pile, Tesco hyper store New Southgate London.
As with previous Work No. 939, magazine rack backdrop indicating the secondary yet vital component in pushing these damaging foods to the public; a complicit mainstream media.

Relates specifically to previous LD Work “Shaken Down

“Under the impact of violent changes, true artists, writers, scientists and philosophers become the revolutionaries of a realistic Utopia, awakened from the mere enjoyment of their crafts to the essential duties and responsibilities toward the community”.


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London Dada Work No. 939 / 939a; The Perfect Consumer 1 & 2

The Perfect Consumer 1
Michael St.Mark 2017

Tesco Superstore, New Southgate.
“Plump ’em with air, Pile ’em high & sell ’em cheap, get the punters addicted” ( & with T2D)

The Perfect Consumer ( II )
Michael St.Mark

Mainstream media pulp publications ( backgrounds ) being the vital advertising / promotion / brainwashing counterpart